1. OUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE ENVIRONMENT IN THE TEXTILE INDUSTRY AND FASHION. The textile and leather goods manufacturing industry is inherently highly polluting. Moreover, in today's world, fashion is intrinsically linked to consumerism, which results in the increasing demand for resources to meet our needs. Hence, we must consider the impact of our choices when purchasing such items and choose products that have minimal impact on our planet. At Pielini, our products are manufactured with the intention of creating the least possible environmental impact, and we strive to make them durable so that they are "SOStainable." .

2. BREAK THE CONSUMPTION CHAIN.The best way to contribute to the planet is to change our mentality and only consume what we need. There is no point in clearing our conscience with vegan, organic, or eco-products when the sole purpose is to buy for the sake of buying and monopolize the market. If we purchase durable products that do not need constant replacement, we can tie up all loose ends, and our contribution to the environment will be more useful and real.

3. WE TAKE PART IN THE FOOD UTILIZATION CHAIN. At Pielini, we only manufacture leather goods that are extremely durable. We are also part of the food utilization chain, which means that the products we manufacture are made only from skin obtained from animals intended for human consumption. We will NEVER use skin from animals bred for the purpose of extracting skin. Leather is a material that comes from the food utilization chain, and without this process, we would have more pollution because these skins would end up as waste that needs to be incinerated, with the associated consequences, or left in a landfill where they will emit a massive amount of methane into the atmosphere. Processing and tanning the skin of animals intended for human consumption is a way of contributing to a sustainability model that is complete only when we buy in a reasonable way and consume only what we truly need.

4. OUR SUPPLIERS: COMPANIES WITH A STRONG SOCIAL CONSCIENCE.At Pielini, we only choose suppliers whose commitment is aligned with ours in terms of leaving the smallest environmental impact during our industrial activity. We buy from small suppliers who face bullying from big companies because they are unable to finance and establish the regulations these clients demand to be able to work with them. We believe that these small family companies with generations of know-how and a personal and unbeatable treatment do not have to be left out of the market as long as they comply with all social, labor, and environmental regulations required by the European Union for all manufacturers that produce in Europe. We are committed to buying from both big and small suppliers as long as they possess the necessary know-how and demonstrate a daily commitment to honest work and compliance with European health and hygiene regulations, which are among the most demanding in the world.

5. 0% WASTAGE PROJECT. In 2023, Pielini is launching the 0% Wastage project, which aims to take a step further by using our own waste, as well as the waste of other reputable brands, to produce high-quality products at significantly reduced prices, thereby reducing natural resource consumption.