1. DURABILITY OF OUR PRODUCTS.Pielini products will never let you down. In a world that seems to be constantly on the move, where “fashion” is fleeting and buying disposable products has become the norm, it seems impossible to find a brand that prioritizes the durability of its products. At Pielini, we have always aimed to make long-lasting products. A few years ago, this approach was considered outdated. Fortunately, society has advanced to a more "SOStainable" production. We say "SOStainable" instead of sustainable because we are committed to reducing consumption, leveraging, and making products marked by their durability, which is the only true form of sustainability possible. We strongly disagree with and disapprove of big companies' philosophy that carry the banner of sustainability in one hand while subtly promoting consumerism with the other. The real SOStainability, the one we support, is about consuming in moderation and making durable products to finally reduce resource usage, which leads to a lower environmental impact.

2. FASHION, BUTON NOT AT ANY COST.. Fashion cannot come at the cost of the world's well-being, nor can any other sector. At Pielini, you will find high-quality products at modest prices, always with durability in mind. That's why we can offer our clients basic products that they will be able to use for several years.

3. OUR CLIENTS. Pielini provides designs and products for all types of clients and occasions, regardless of your age, profession, or the event attended. We have something for everyone. Our target customers are those who know that investing in quality always comes with a long-term reward. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and to achieve this, we employ our professional team with extensive experience in the sector to select the best materials and use the best techniques for each of the objective developments. Pielini's target customers are those who would prefer to invest a little more in a high-quality product rather than waste money on an article that will end up being ruinous for their wallet and the environment in the long term.

4. HIGH QUALITY AT A LOW COST. Pielini has always prioritized offering good prices to our customers. As manufacturers, we buy our materials from selected suppliers and manufacture them with the most advanced technology. That is why we can offer our clients the best possible price. Our clients know that paying more for a product does not necessarily mean they are getting a better product. Our products are affordable, high-quality, durable, and priced for the masses.